Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Yellow Course @ Amelia Shotgun Sports

We met with are friend Russ McKittrick at Amelia Shotgun Sports for an afternoon of sporting clays shooting.

Russ, who is just down for a few weeks (shot the Florida Challenge with me), brought local relatives to the range, specifically two youngsters for an introduction to clay target shooting.  Prior to our arrival they took to the skeet field and became familiar with shooting a shotgun and skeet shooting in general.

One youngster was a little under the weather, and went home early, but seventh grader Josh stayed to watch us shoot sporting clays and a promise we'd let him take a few shots. After the first station we gave Josh the target counter and he pulled targets the rest of the way.

At the end of the course and on the way back to the clubhouse, the club has six Yellow stations that are set for new shooters.  Skeet in the woods type targets, but in those six stations, a barrel of fun to include a rabbit station.

My wife let Josh shoot her 1100 with skeet choke. Josh had only shot his first clay target this AM on the skeet field and at our suggestion he started just shooting singles; with a miss and hit, hit and miss, but then he wanted to start shooting report pairs.  Targets were breaking as fast as we threw them. Impressive to say the least and someone who will long remember his first time shooting sporting clays.  A natural shooter I think!

The Yellow station concept has been long used at Amelia and something that all clubs should consider.  Many times I've visited and found three or four squads of  youngsters with a parent or granddad and/or young couples having a blast.  Lost count of how many young ladies I've seen on the Yellow course.  
A clay target starter course that starts near the club house (station 1) that allows for a club official to give a safety briefing and makes sure they understand the operation of the firearm and who watches them shoot a few clay targets and offers suggestions to make there outing an enjoyable one.


I noticed for the first time a voice release on the trap range.  A newer wireless model.  I asked when they acquired it and was told they always had it.  I think someone was pulling my leg, but in any case a good addition.  As a side note. The club offers the ATA Big 50 on Thursdays (contact the club to confirm schedule) and when shooting the 50, non-ATA members can shoot with ATA members and all are invited to participate.

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