Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Spring Deuce @ Rochester Brooks

Rochester Brooks (Rush NY) annually Spring Deuce sporting clays shoot.

Friday saw temperatures in the 60's.

I shot the 28 gauge in the sub gauge event.  Eight stations, three machines per station.  What sub gauge you shot determined what two machines were utilized per station.  A nice presentation of targets.  Those who shot pump were required to shoot on the prelim course on dedicated stands.

Years ago we ran all over the region eating at various restaurants, but in recent years we take all are meals at the Lehigh restaurant near the motel we stay.  An old style eatery; clean, generous portions, and easy on the pocketbook.  The Super 8 motel and restaurant are no more then 15 minutes from the club.

Saturday brought cool temperatures (lucky to see 50 degrees, if that) and on and off rain in the morning.  We shot the Prelim in the AM in mostly rainy conditions.  Thankfully, I had the contents of my closet from home with me and had plenty of warm weather clothing and rain gear to chose from.

I did a prelim re-shoot in the PM and by time the rain had stopped, but a bit of mud on the course and the wind had picked up.  Still cold!

We shot the 11:30 main event rotation on Sunday.  No rain, but cool, windy, and overcast at the start.  I think (sun wise) the 2:30 rotation had the best view of targets.

Three days of shooting and I didn't observe any problems with machines.  The few times I saw a delay was with machines being refilled.


A couple of stations were set for shooters with faster reflexes then I posses (maybe it's the eyes). I found myself rushing.

Overall, targets (don't go my scores) were very hittable.

With the sun out all targets could be seen, but when the sun was behind the clouds, oh my! At times very dark on the course.  Targets on some stations were hard to see or were not seen at all.  Saw three shooters call for a target and they never saw the first target.  Not uncommon to see targets being hit or shot at very late into the flight path.

Three videos posted and a large number of photographs for you viewing pleasure.


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