Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9000G Primer Feed Adjustment

Do you have an early model 9000G MEC re-loader and having problems with the large capacity primer feed, in that no matter the adjustment, the primer drop is slightly off? 

If so, a possible solution.

Years back I was a 4-gun skeet shooter.  Reloaded all four gauges and on occasion still do.  Started out with a MEC Jr. in the 12 gauge, but soon moved on to the Grabber series.

When the 9000G came on the market I upgraded, first the 12 gauge and then the 28 gauge.  Some time after, in the next two or three years, I also upgraded my .410 and 20 gauge re-loaders.

All came with the old style chain activated primer feed.

When the large capacity primer feed came on the market I quickly upgraded. 

The .410 and 20 gauge primer feeds worked without issue right out of the box.  However, the 12 gauge and 28 gauge re-loaders were tricky to adjust and getting a primer to sit properly took a large amount of patience. 

The primer tray on both had be positioned to the far left in order for a primer to drop into the receiver hole on the re-loader.  So much to the left that the primer feed slide had little purchase with the actuator arm, just barley engaging.  Over time the right side of the feed slide on the 12 gauge primer tray became worn and no longer engaged the actuator arm.

I ordered a new tray, but before installing I added washers to move the actuator arm slightly to the left. The feed slide and actuator marriage now looked more like the picture in the installation guide and I had primers hitting the center of the hole on the re-loader.

I just modified my 28 gauge re-loader.

Beside the washers I installed a longer bolt.

I don't see any difference in the construction of the 12 and 28 re-loader virus the 410 and 20, but I don't think a coincidence that I had trouble with the early model 9000G's in regard to Primer Feed installation and not with the re-loaders purchased at a later time.


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