Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Friday Trap Shoot @ Valleyfield

The annual Good Friday trap shoot was held at the Valleyfield club in Quebec last week.  A shoot that I try to attend, as usually the first clay target shoot of the year held in Quebec and a chance to see people that I haven't seen in some time.

Crossing the border is part of my travels when I shoot in Canada.  I haven't shot in Canada since December and was wondering if crossing procedures had changed any, and as a holiday, if traffic at the crossing was going to hold me up.

No traffic at the small crossing I was using.  Before I could hand over my ID and firearm credentials, I hear, "going shooting today"?  I didn't recognize the person processing me, but he recognized me. After checking my credentials he did have me pull the vehicle foreword a bit and had me open the back of the vehicle and did a quick visually scan.

Cool, overcast, and wet grounds at the club. I was hoping I could shoot without my coat on, but after giving it a try, just a little to much on the cool side. 

30 Shooters in attendance. No problems noted with the voice release and no machine issues.

In singles, the shooter to the left of me didn't have a shell catcher or deflector. Hulls flying in front of me. After a few stations I got over it, as it didn't look like that I was going to be hit.  Talking to the shooter after the round he asked if his hulls were bothering me and if so he apologized.  It turns out he has been looking for a shell catcher. I gave him a suggestion on where he could purchase one.  For American readers, many companies won't ship firearm related goods to Canada, so it can be hit and miss when a Canadian goes shopping on the internet.

On the way home I found that my favorite ice cream stand had opened for the season and a stop was a must.

When I hit the US border, I hear, been shooting today....


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