Monday, April 28, 2014

Reloading supplies @ Beikirch's (East Rochester NY)

When I attend a shoot at Rochester Brooks a stop at Beikirch's is a must. 

The company is a seller of firearms, reloading supplies, and ammunition.  They deliver supplies to many clubs throughout the region.

As of Friday (April 25, 2014)

Lead shot:  $37.95.  I was told it was going fast.

Fiocchi 616 primers.   $124.75 per 5000.

Winchester 209 primers:  $150 per 5000.

Cheddite primers were available.

No shotgun powder.

In conjunction with the sporting clays shoot at Rochester Brooks (Spring Deuce) the club had Fiocchi shells on sale for $59.90 per case.

They had other shotgun ammunition on sale for the three days of the shoot, but I just listed what was of interest to me.

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