Monday, April 21, 2014

Reloading Winchester AA HS 28 Gauge Hulls

Years back I ran into a deal on several thousand old style AA 28 gauge hulls (may have even been more but memory fails me).  They were being sold for under the going rate, but I had to agree to also purchase a couple thousand 20 and 12 gauge hulls. The deal was done!  The 20 gauge and 12 gauge hulls are long gone, but I still have plenty of the old style 28 gauge hulls on hand.

Over the winter I had to shoot factory at a sporting clays shoot I was attending and picked up several boxes of  Winchester HS 28 gauge shells.

I know there was horror stories when the hull first came out, but if I remember correctly a change to HS hull design was made to satisfy those who reload. 

Without making any adjustments to my re-loader (9000g) and mixing old hulls with new I loaded four boxes with the following results.

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