Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Upgraded my Router (Linksys AC 900)

A few years back I switched from DLS to cable and saw an increase in wireless bandwidth speed, but the increase was not what I expected. 
Something I could live with (I run everything wireless).  The cable connection was much faster then my old DSL service and for a time not a big deal, as long as I had a good upload speed and could watch movies without interruption.

Anyway, time to upgrade my router. I purchased a Linksys AC 900 Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router. The specks showed the router had twice the speed of my old router and was duel band.  

Following the simple directions I unplugged my old router and plugged in the new. 

No need to attach a cable to your computer to setup the new router. Through the magic of wireless technology I brought up the router setup page on my computer screen.  I was directed to unplug the modem for two minutes and then power it back on.  

A message showed that a software update was available. It took a couple of minutes to complete the automated process.  I checked the box to allow for future automatic software updates.

I was given an option to change default sign in information. I changed the network name and wireless password to what was on my previous router so I didn't have to change other wireless sign in connections in the home.

After a short wait my devices were connected throughout the home. All but my wireless printer was working. 

I couldn't remember what button on the printer to push (also a scanner and copier) to send a single to the router to be recognized.
I had to look at the printer directions.  A button that has several uses was identified.  A push on that  button and a push on the blue button on the rear of the router was all that was needed.  They did a handshake and I was set to go.

In speed testing I found that 37 mbps download was the average speed (was averaging 12 mbps on the old router). 
I  checked (and rechecked) speeds against various servers across the country. A couple of times I had speeds of 42 mbps. 
Upload speeds did not see much change, but upload speeds are severely limited by internet providers and my previous router was almost at the set limit, but I did see a slight increase. 

A guest option is available.  A wireless sign on with it's own network name and password for those visiting who need internet access. No need to give out your own network password. Change the visitor password as needed.

I have at least the same range as before. My laptop worked flawlessly in the backyard, well away from the router.

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