Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cabin Fever Open @ Underhill

Two time a year this skeet and trap club (with 5-stand) converts the club into a sporting clays club using the super sporting concept and holds an NSCA shoot. 

Underhill Rod & Gun Club, Westford, Vermont

As hoped, rains came early and other then wet fields, a dry day.  Overcast for the first rotation, but started to break up during the second.  The third rotation experienced plenty of sun, but the wind really picked up.

A shotgun start. Those manning stations were very helpful and a big assist to all.

I started with an IC choke and never saw reason to change.  I went out with 100 shells and shot 100 shells.  The 1100 worked flawlessly and my squad never experienced any machine problems.

Targets.  Overall, good target presentations and I had no big issues!  Saying that, you can take the rest for what it's worth and agree or disagree.

First rotation shooters were at a disadvantage as far as seeing all targets, as the sun was missing and very easy to not see some targets until the last few seconds at several stations.  More then a few of the first rotation shooters made comment. 
At times during the second rotation you could observe hits go up when the sun was out and then observe several misses when the sun went behind a cloud.  
Not showing enough target face or wrong colored targets (or maybe shooters not paying enough attention and/or confused with the three machine concept)?  
Anyway, a lot of  it's over there or the targets on the left/right was heard. Said it a few times myself.  Comments that would not be allowed in FITASC.  Thankfully, it wasn't FITASC!

If the sun was out for all, obviously not an issue, but, something target setters need to take into consideration.

One station broke MY three second rule.  Target should be viewable for a minimum of three seconds in a shoot window before it disappears behind trees or bushes. 
I didn't have such reflexes (nor eyes) when I was 18 and sure don't have them now! A chain saw during target setup could of easily rectified this.  And no, I didn't do well at the station. I was feeling pretty good until I reached that station.  I have enough problems trying to shoot a decent score then having to undergo an eye and reflex test at a station or is it just me?

With that said, most were happy with the shoot and can't wait until the fall shoot!

A smoothly run shoot with what seemed plenty of help on hand. 

Those running the shoot have a caterer with a truck stand come in and take care of lunch.  He seemed to do a brisk business.

I ran into one shooter who tells me he is given up registered trap shooting to concentrate on sporting clays this year.  This part of the country can't afford to lose any registered trap or skeet shooters.  Not looking good for those disciplines in this neck of the woods.  Don't get me wrong, seems to be plenty shooting skeet and trap, but very few interested in registered shooting.

Maybe two squads of Canadians in attendance.  Two shooters were held up at the border, as those working the border crossing couldn't make up there minds if they were allowed to enter the U.S. with shotguns and ammunition, even if they had paperwork approved by the ATF in there possession.

After all these years that Canadians have been using the ATF Form 6NIA you would think all working the border would be aware they are authorized (the form must be approved prior to the crossing by ATF headquarters and is good for one year)!  If the firearm(s) and ammunition is listed on the form (especially for non-VISA Canadians) they are allowed and if not, turned away....


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