Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is your firearm secure (away from home)?

Articles or postings that I've come across in my internet travels.

- Shotgun stolen off the gun rack at the club.

- Rifle discovered stolen after going down range to change targets.

- Gun and/or gear stolen out of the back of an open vehicle at the club.  I lost several boxes of ammunition at a shoot last year.  Non-registered shooters were also shooting at the club : (

- Guns stolen out of unlocked vehicles (recurring throughout the nation).

- Vehicles with gun/hunting decals targeted

- Guns stolen from unlocked vehicle when going to and from the motel room when checking in.

- Vehicles broken into at motels, everything stolen, including firearms not brought into the room.

One story that I keep coming across but could never verify was vehicles being marked at shoots (with a small sticker) and then broken into when shooters were visiting local restaurants.

Not gun related, but a GPS is easy money for someone looking for money for there next fix. Hide the GPS, as well as the mounting device when not in use.

If you have firearm insurance, will it cover all the above scenarios?  Your homeowners policy may not even cover a loss at home, let alone when traveling!

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