Friday, May 09, 2014

Thumbs up - Herter's Ammunition

Last fall Cabela's had a sale on Herter's ammunition (made in Italy).  I purchased several cases, but the first chance to try them was just this week.

I had seen several shooting the shells this past winter.  I talked to a few shooters and everyone seemed happy with them.

I shot two boxes in skeet using IC choke out of a Remington 1100 without any failure to fires or failures to feed.

1oz, 7 1/2, 1290 fps

I also shot a couple boxes of Rio's (1210 fps) and didn't feel any difference in felt recoil.

It looked like the Herter shells were crushing the targets a little harder then the Rio's, but the fps were different and may be the reason, especially at skeet distances.

If I run into another sale I would not hesitate to purchase!

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