Sunday, May 11, 2014

Video Camera Donation (Lost Target)

Nothing like seeing motion and sounds versus a still photograph.

Taking video at shoots I attend is a given! Enjoyed by many, as well as helping promote the clay target shooting sports. 

As of this posting the Lost Target (Joe Potosky) has uploaded 264 videos uploaded to YouTube.

A lot of shoots attended and much history, history that would be lost and not enjoyed if not recorded!

It's getting past the time to upgrade my video camera, as my present camera is starting to show it's age.  Much video is left on the cutting room floor, as the camera lens is not picking up detail that it should.

If you like to contribute to offset my out of pocket expenses on a new camera purchase it would be appreciated.

Just click on the PAY PAL link on the right side of this page to donate!

You don't need a PayPal account to contribute.  Credit cards accepted!

If you rather send a contribution via snail mail, contact me and I'll provide my mailing address.

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