Monday, June 30, 2014

59th Canadian Trap Shooting Championships

Club de tir l'Acadie * Montréal Anglers and Hunters (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec)

59th Canadian Trapshooting Championships

I shot on Friday and Saturday and ran around with cameras on Sunday.  I had a very good time and met a lot of nice people who I had not had the pleasure of meeting prior to the shoot.
The club had a large commercial type tent put up to give room enough to handle shoot registrations and posting of scores.  I had pre-squadded and processing through the line went without a hitch.

My squads started on time and except for a machine problem on Friday, no issues with targets or voice release.  The machine that gave us a problem was replaced.  No delay for the squad, as they moved us to the next field.  The squad on that field had finished early and we only had one round to shoot, so we got to finish up without delay and the next squad only saw a delay of a few minutes.

I had not been shooting trap well for sometime and could not figure out the reason.  I would hit ten in a row and then miss 4 out of 5.  Bad enough I flinch every now and then, but just missing for no obvious reason starts to play on the mind . 
I was messing around Saturday mounting my gun between rounds and during the last 50 I grabbed a hex wrench and added length to my stock, as I figured out I was not getting a consisted mount with the length I was using, sometimes moving my head back after I mounted the gun. Shot a 24 in the last round.  I guess as you get older it takes longer to figure out such things  :  )

Very hot (90 degrees / 30 centigrade).  One of those weeks where a slight breeze or wind is appreciated.   Saying that, depending on the field, doubles targets were challenging for some. Wind and doubles is like mixing oil and water!

The club had two dining areas set up.  The day-to-day one in the club house and a temporary one near where the bunker traps are located.  At the end of the line near where the club had designated  practice traps.

The club had plenty of help on hand and overall the kids working the shoot did an excellent job (as well as the adults).  A couple of hiccups here and there on the line, but resolved quickly.

The Canadian results are NOT posted. The software used for the shoot was not up to the task at hand and there was issues.

Don't know officially (don't want to go there) what the software issues were, but I did see old fashioned figuring out shoot-offs on paper for Sunday being done.  Just before I left I was promised results from someone that can be trusted, so just a matter of time.

When I receive them or become aware of a link to same I will send out a notice to those on my Google Groups mailing list (and put up a blog posting) so you don't have to keep checking the video/photo webpage.

The club had issues with local ordinances in regard to when shooting must stop each day.  There was talk of the club being fined for shooting past the allocated times.  I did see  police at the club Sunday at 5pm. A fine of $3,500 (or more depending on how calculated) was quoted by some. 

Three videos posted (singles, doubles, handicap), plus photos.

Photos & Video:

My favorite video is the singles event if your only going to view one!

I've been playing around with slow motion for the past few shoots and I hope I didn't go overboard, but thought the slow motion shots in the video looked pretty neat!



All scores posted.


  1. Great job. Thanks Joe for all your effort for the shooting sports!

  2. Nice to meet you Joe,. Really enjoyed the shoot too, and loved the memories from your video and photos. Here is the link I talked to you about, for the Ontario Provincial Trapshooting Association's Facebook Group page. Any and all members welcome!