Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 14 @ the Vermont State Trap Shoot

Montpelier Gun Club, Berlin, Vermont.

Yep, that's a shot curtain in the background.  Protects a small river.  The only downside to the shot curtain is it doesn't' run the entire length of the club.  The curtain makes for a consistent background and targets pop, and for me anyway, easy to pick up.

The view to the right of the shot curtain!

Rained hard in the days leading up to the shoot.  I shot on Saturday, no rain, but overcast for most of the day, the sun did finally came out. A slight wind picking up in the PM.

As I previously posted, powder was not available, but other reloading components were available, as well as ammunition.

I got the impression that attendance was down a bit, but a well attended shoot. Small club atmosphere (that's good).

Singles consisted of 200 targets.  100 in the AM and 100 in the PM.  50 targets per field.

We had smooth sailing in the AM and PM.  A fast moving squad, but not over doing it.  No problems with voice release or targets.  Squads moved smoothly and no waiting for the second field to become available.

Shoot Photos & Video

For those following my various posting about my 1100.  Not one failure to feed or failure to fire.  I didn't clean the gun between 100's. I attended a sporting clays shoot the week previously and no problems to report from that shoot either.  The gun is presently torn down, covered in BreakFree.  I usually let it sit for 24 hours before wiping down the parts and putting it back together.

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