Wednesday, June 25, 2014

North Country Sporting Clays Classic @ 1000 Islands

An early start to the day, as a three hour drive to the 1000 Islands Sportsmen's Club. The club is located in Redwood, New York near the Canada border.  We arrived a little after 9am and shooters were already on the course.

A six person squad as we squadded with three shooters from Canada.

The temperature was in the low 70's.  A slight breeze.  Thanks to the breeze, bug spray was not needed.  A bit muddy in spots and sneakers were not the best choice of footwear.

A wide verity of target presentations.  A few stations in open areas, but stations were mostly located in wooded areas.

More then enough help seemed to be on hand.


On the return we stopped to purchase strawberries from a road side stand.  Turns out the berries were grown by the Amish.  A large number of Amish can be found in this part of the state.  Don't know there farming practices, but the berries tasted great!

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