Monday, July 21, 2014

Quebec Cup Trap Shoot

Crossed the border and attended a trap shoot at Club Valleyfield in Quebec.

A little hang up at the border as they were processing a tour bus.  A small crossing with limited manpower. When I arrived they were doing a mass processing of identification via computer.  I was maybe delayed 10 minutes, not to bad.  Thankfully I had arrived when they were almost done. Not that long of a delay compared to wait times at major crossings. When I was finally processed the serial numbers on my shotguns were checked.

When I arrived at the club, doubles was underway.

Doubles, singles, and handicap were shot, in that order.

For singles and handicap we used three fields; 25, 25 and 50.  Worked well and things moved along.

Warm, just over 80 degrees, but the humidity didn't seem that bad.

A little hiccup with a factory Rio shell.  I'm not the greatest shot in the world and need everything to go my way to hit a decent score and at that particular moment I didn't need this.  Going straight, 25th target and my shell wouldn't fit in the chamber of my 1100. 

A little bent and a bulge.  I've seen that in other shells to include STS, but the first for a Rio. Yes, I broke the 25th target!

As always for shoots held at Valleyfield, a well run shoot.


I'm still messing around with slow motion video.  Let me know if you think it detracts from the video.  Always open to constructive criticism.

The Valleyfield club has two fun shoots scheduled in August. 

The first shoot consist of 50 target events; skeet, trap and 5-stand.  Shoot one, two or all three.

The second shoot is a Hunters fun shoot.  The fields are populated with decoys.  You shoot out of blinds and in past years, a boat.  A flurry of targets is released at each blind (station).  You can expect to see many hunters in attendance.  For many, the only clay targets they shoot each year!

Crossing the border on the way home.  Been shooting today?  Yep!  Have a nice day....

Going to see Klaus Hiptmayer this week.  Klaus is a well know Quebec gun smith, stock maker, and engraver.  Klaus migrated to Canada many years ago, learned his trade at a young age in Europe. The wife has two guns that need adjustment, plus a few stripped screws need work.  I gave him a call today and he was able to fit us in this week.  A bit of a drive, but well worth it!

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