Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We visited Klaus Hiptmayer!

We visited Klaus Hiptmayer (Stockmaker/Engraver/Gunsmith) to have him take a look at my wife's gun fit and to replace some stripped screws. 

Gun fit was the big ticket item.  She has been shooting both guns for years with no discomfort, but starting sometime in March she come back from a day of shooting with a bruise on her cheek.

Klaus lives east of Montreal in Eastman, Quebec, so looking at a 2 1/2 hour drive.  Klaus has been fitting guns for my whole adult shooting life and his stock work is something to see. Klaus learned how to work on guns as a young person in Europe.

We arrive at the border and the computers down.  We had to sit while they rebooted the computer.  Not a big deal, but for years I crossed the border before they had computers and never a problem.  But, times have changed and they can't process anyone without a computer check. 

West of Granby, traffic slows to a crawl, as the road went from two lanes to one.  According to the GPS we lost 20 minutes.

Also, saw more police in Quebec today then if I was driving by the police station at shift change. Besides the normal cars you see on the road, one cop was standing outside his vehicle pointing a radar gun at traffic.  We saw a police car doing a traffic stop.  The police car was a white Grand Caravan with no visible lights if not activated.  We saw another police stop by a motorcycle cop, and another cop running radar while hiding behind a highway truck. 

We arrive 15 minutes late for the 11am appointment : (

Klaus had Heide mount her 1100.  He takes a quick look and says here adjustable comb is to far to her left.  He removes the comb and finds the part the comb sits on has shifted. Above my pay grade, but he popped it out, did a bit of chiseling and mixed up some type of glue solution and popped it back in.  He moved her comb as far to her right as it would go.  He then worked on the stripped screws on the 1100.  The gun was purchased used in 1972, so not surprising parts start to wear.

After completing the work on the 1100, he turned to the O/U.  She had never had this gun fitted, but it does have an adjustable comb and the length of pull is identical to her 1100.  Once again, the comb was set to far to her left.   He moved the comb as far as it would go to her right and said she should be good to go.

We took both guns to the pattering board in Klaus's back yard and she shot several shells out of each gun.  Both guns felt comfortable and no bruised cheek bone.

We're doing practice on Thursday with fingers crossed!


  1. I was thinking of visiting Klaus to get my CZ fitted, any additional feed back??