Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Clay Target Waterfowl Fun Shoots, with the emphasis on FUN!

Some of the most enjoyable fun shoots that I've attended in recent years have been held at skeet/trap clubs.

Basically, taking two or three fields and converted them into hunting fields, with as many as three stands per field.  Buddy shoots, shooting with a partner! 

A few extra machines per field is a must if the club is going to do it properly.

A local outfitter or club members can provide the stands and decoys.  The more decoys on the fields the better. 

At the Valleyfield club listed below, one of the stands is a boat!

As for target presentations, use your imagination!

Also, a good opportunity for a club to reach out to shotgun owners who don't shoot clay targets.  Advertise via your local Ducks Unlimited chapter, hunting clubs, and gun stores.  Not unusual to pick up a good number of memberships at such an event.  Maybe free rounds can be some of the prizes.

Invite outfitters and local merchants to set up booths at the club.

Don't sell yourself cheap.  Don't be afraid of making a few bucks for the club.

Expect a big crowd and plan accordingly!  The Ontario club listed below broke a club shoot attendance record last year.  Many in attendance were  hunters, who if they shot at clay targets at all, it was off of hand thrown targets in a field somewhere! 

Many people own shotguns, they just don't shoot clay targets, they hunt.  Those are your future club members if you can get them to the club and they have a fun time!

A word of caution.  You may want to provide the ammunition, as non-clay target shooters may bring ammunition not suitable for shooting at your club.  Price it into the price of the shoot.  A number of shooters you will see only hunt a few times a year and the shotgun is stored until the next time.  You want to have plenty of experienced shooters working each field (safety).


Both of these shoots are in Canada. No clubs in my part of New York or Vermont is offering this type of shoot.


Club de Tir de Valleyfield  (St-Stanislas-de-Kostka, Québec)

Journee du Sauvaginier

(Fun Shoot)

16 Aout 2014

Shoot Flyer:


Golden Triangle Trap and Skeet Club  (Brockville, Ontario)

2014 Waterfowl Warm-Up!!

Sunday August 24th, 9am

2 Person Team Event

3 Fields, 9 Layouts, 14 automatic traps

Realistic Hunting Layouts

75 Targets per person

Entry: $40 (includes lunch)

Shoot Flyer:

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