Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gun Barrel Blows

A 51-year-old man was injured Friday while target shooting when the barrel of his shotgun blew out.

The Indianapolis resident was shooting at the Indiana Gun Club in Fishers with his 12-gauge over-under break-action shotgun, when a preliminary investigation indicated an obstruction in the top barrel may have caused the side of the barrel to blow out when it was fired.

The man was shooting with his son — who was using a 20-gauge shotgun — and the man was carrying both 12-gauge and 20-gauge ammunition at the time of the accident.

“While it has not been determined that this was the cause of the incident, there is an enhanced risk of barrel blow-out when carrying 20-gauge ammunition while firing a 12-gauge shotgun, as a 20-gauge shell can slide far enough down the barrel for a 12-gauge shell to be loaded behind it,”



Before you go shaking your head.....

Easy enough for it to happen.  Maybe just a long day. Sometimes we don't pay attention. Sometimes it's just are everyday routine.  Just grabbing shells like we do 1000 times in the past, but this one time your talking, joking, having a good time and your routine is off.  

I'm sure not the first person to carry shells for another shooter, especially if the other does not have a pouch or vest and your teaching him/her the ropes or only shoots a few times a year and doesn't have there own gear.

If you shot a small gauge event in sporting or shooting the 4-gauges in skeet, a good practice to check your vest and/or pouch before moving on to the next event.

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