Tuesday, August 05, 2014

It was time to clean the Remington 1100

I've been remiss in doing a complete teardown of my Remington 1100 for thorough cleaning.  It's been shooting well, but just a matter of time before I start having problems.

I found the trigger needed major cleaning, not just a wipe down.

The action spring tube needed cleaning.  I ran the patch several times before it came out clean.  Also, anytime I have the stock off I change out the Action Spring, a $5 part, if it needs it or not.  I usually change it  once a year, as what's $5? 
You shouldn't have to change this spring for many years, but if I have a problem I know it's not the Action Spring.

The magazine spring looked like new, but the Magazine Follower (orange) had a buildup on it and after a cleaning was looking good.  The tube itself was pretty clean.

Remington recommends shooting dry, but I've seen many soak them in oil and shoot them that way.

I use Break-Free to clean all my firearms.  I apply a coating and let them sit for several hours, usually over night. I wipe the parts down as best I can.  No additional oil or what have you. At a shoot when putting the gun away, I will wipe down the receiver and barrel with Rim oil.

Nothing appeared broken and no cracked parts.  A good idea to give everything a close look. Last winter I found a cracked Breech Bolt Assembly.

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