Saturday, August 02, 2014

Saturday @ the Valleyfield Fun Shoot

We shot the Saturday trap and skeet fun shoot events at the Valleyfield club.  The Canadian club is about an hour and half drive from my home in New York.  Maybe ten minutes shorter, but we always plan some extra time for crossing the border. 
The weather was warm and humid!
My wife Heide gave me a whooping in trap and I barely beat her in the skeet event.  She had her guns worked on recently by Quebec gunsmith/stock maker Klaus Hiptmayer and obviously he did a great job.  She had been experiencing a bruised cheek bone for sometime and he remedied the situation in one fitting.

Things moved along rather smoothly and no sooner had we finished shooting the 50 target trap event we heard a call to report to field 4 to shoot skeet.  We had about 15 minutes between events.  No, we didn't feel rushed, as we rather be shooting then standing around waiting.

A few newbies on the fields trying there hand at shooting.  Always nice to see!


The club continues the second day of it's fun shoot on Sunday, offering trap and 5-stand.

On the drive home we found a stand selling late season strawberries and of course a stop to purchase was a must!

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