Monday, August 04, 2014

Sunday @ Vermont Sporting Clays Championships

Thankfully the weatherman got it all wrong and a perfect day for shooting at the Vermont State Sporting Clays Championships held at the Northeast Kingdom Skeet & Sporting Clays club.

A record turnout! 

The club has come a long way from when it first started hosting the state shoot!

Little waiting for those who preregistered (plus you received a free shirt).

The clubs wobble trap was open for warm-up.

My squad started on station 7.  That required a hike up the side of a mountain, a bit of walk. I'm sure glad I arrived on station early, as I needed the rest. 

Except for one station where there was a back up, we moved smoothly from station to station.

Referees were present at all stations and we never experienced a problem with scoring.

Butch Trombley (Vermont Champion) who shot on my squad had one misfire on a factory AA shell.  No doubt the primer was hit, as it had a good hit on it. Not the first time in recent years I've seen problems with premium shells!

The club also offered a Long Bird contest and there version of Make-a-Break.

Plenty of hustle by those working the shoot!

In the past year a new club house was constructed, includes two rest rooms.  Thought out and a very functional building.

With the construction of the club house behind them, a plan to purchase additional machines is planned.

I didn't win anything, but did pick up two punches!


Several slow motion shots in the shoot video.  The award presentations are posted on a separate unedited video.

If I was going to change anything for 2015 I would set the course so main event shooters didn't have to walk up and down two sets of hills.  Also, maybe it's just me, but the lunch menu needs to offer a few more options or be revamped. I passed!

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  1. Joe great coverage of the 2014 shoot thank you. In case you don't already know the whole course is drivable I will lend you my truck so you won't suffer. If home made pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans and apple pie isn't what you had in mind how about poached asparagus and caviar. Gator