Monday, August 25, 2014

Waterfowl Warm-Up @ Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle Trap and Skeet Club, Brockville, Ontario

A long drive, but worth it!

For those who don't attend shoots held at smaller clubs your missing out on a good time.  Just something about the family atmosphere you find at such shoots.  Doesn't take long to meet everyone and usually all are very friendly, especially at the Golden Triangle.

Two-man teams, 75 targets, shot across three fields.

Plenty of help on each field!

You only needed a gun that held two shells.

With team shooting it's a good idea to coordinate with your partner on who's shooting at what target before you call pull. A few hiccups on my part (shooting my partners target) but overall talking out who was going to shoot what worked well.  We came in forth.

Nice to see a number of young shooters taking part!

An excellent lunch served (included in the price of the shoot).

Seemed to be lucky draw prize for most if not all.  Thanks to the sponsors!

By the time we were ready to depart the club didn't look like a shoot was held.  Fields were back to normally and the clubhouse and kitchen had undergone a major cleaning. 

Hat's off to Kingston Skeet & Trap Club shooter Tony Raponi.  He always encourages participation from the younger shooters from his club (and the older shooters) at such shoots and I'm always seeing new faces when he's in attendance.


Had to slow down for a small herd of deer when driving to the shoot and almost came to a complete stop on the way home, as a deer was looking to cross, but couldn't make up it's mind.

Going into Canada we had to stop at U.S. customs to do the paperwork on one gun.  Took only a few minutes and no delays when entering Canada.  On the return, the serial numbers on all firearms were checked upon entering the USA. 

One of the bridges at the Cornwall crossing is no longer used (been replaced by one that is much closer to the water).

The abandoned bridge may be a problem for travelers when it comes time to tear it down.  At a minimum they will have to reroute traffic. 

A toll is charged going both ways (they will take US or Canadian funds)!

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