Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Classic Sporting Clays @ Rochester Brooks

Saturday saw high winds. Sunday saw on and off rain at the 1st Annual Autumn Classic hosted by the Rochester Brooks gun club in Rush, New York.

We shot the sub-gauge event Saturday AM.  I imagine target presentations were not what the target setter had in mind, as very windy.  Being honest, only one station, maybe two where the wind caused me problems.  It was what it was and we had a good time. 
The sub-gauge course is set on it's own course, separate from the prelim course. Fair target presentations were thrown.  The pump and SxS shooters shot on the prelim course at designated stands.

Saturday PM (Prelim) saw no let up in the wind.  One station saw a lot of no bird calls, as the wind kept pushing a target into an unsafe direction.  A nice presentation of targets where thrown.

Sunday came the rains.  Not raining all the time, but seemed to hit us every third or forth station. 

Scores rose and fell accordingly.  Rains seemed to bring limited target visibility on some stations. Instead of seeing a spot of orange, just seeing a gray streak.  Just the way it at my age.  Always hoping for a bit of sun when shooting, but not always getting it.  We had a 5 1/2 hour drive ahead of us and couldn't delay are start time, hoping for better weather (European start).  I shot a 73 and happy with the score, but sure wishing I hit a few more targets!

As always, very knowledge refs working the shoot.  Machine problems caused little delay. A designated crew taking care of problems quickly.

A polished crew working the desk!

Neat looking trophies were presented.  Glass balls were thrown many years in the past....


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