Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shotgun powder availability

After a long draught, shotgun powder looks like it's becoming available in different regions throughout the USA.  

Backorders are starting to be filled.

Shooters are reporting they have walked into stores that have long been out and all of a sudden having small qualities available.  Clay Dot and 700X to name two.

Reports that the states should start seeing Clays powder (manufactured in Australia) in the new year, but maybe at first in only one pound bottles.

Haven't see anything in regard to powder availability for small gauge shooters!

Have no idea when merchants that sell at shoots will have a good supply of powder available, but a few large events have reported that powder in limited numbers had been for sale.

On the other hand, powder could be just has scarce as in the previous year, but so many have stopped looking and/or reloading, and powder could becoming available for that reason only (outside of Clays that had a major fire at the plant)!

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