Saturday, December 06, 2014

Dec 6, 2014 @ Valleyfield Gun Club

After many years of operation for the first time the Valleyfield club (Quebec, Canada) will be open throughout the winter. On and off winter shooting in past years, but not on the club calendar!

The announcement....

Valleyfield Gun Club will be open this winter on Saturdays for Trap & Skeet from 10.00 to 15.00 hours, if the weather permits.

Also visit our new website :


Le Club  de Valleyfield sera ouvert cet hiver les samedis pour la Trap et
le Skeet de 10.00 à 15.00 heures si la température le permet.

Aussi vistez notre nouveau site web:

Thought I run over and take advantage.

A mess on the drive up.  Temps below 30 and a slight rain.  Sand trucks out and passed two accidents with troopers on scene when I hit higher elevations.  For whatever reason, it can be snowing or raining 10 miles east of the club, but no participation at the club.  Sure enough, a few miles from the club and it started to clear.

29 degrees and overcast.

A number of club members spent the day winterizing the bathrooms, to include placing instillation under the floor via the crawl space.

The club recently purchased an EZPull Skeet/Sporting wireless remote.

I was offered the option of wire release or the remote.  Went with the remote.

I shot 4 rounds of skeet and never a no target call.

On the ride home, heavy fog as I neared the border.  Some places visibility dropped down to 100 foot or less.   Had to drop down from 55mph to about 40mph for maybe 30 minutes before it started to clear.

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