Sunday, January 04, 2015

Jan 4, 2015 @ Volusia Gun Club

First practice of 2015 was at the Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club. The club is 10 minutes from the Daytona Beach Race Track, I-95 exit.

One of the better deals in Florida with family membership at $35 a year (single $25) and a ten round punch card going for $50, with an11th round free ($4.55 a round).  Non-members pay $7 per round.

A warm day, 78 degrees when I departed.  Seen many familiar faces and a number of new ones.  I often run into shooters who live on the east side of Orlando.  After several conversations with various shooters from that region this seems to be the closest club.

If you were trying to invent the word volunteer, look no further then the Volusia club.  They always have a minimum of 7 or 8 people lending a hand and others pitching in when needed.

The club has two sets of ERAD voice release systems in use on the trap side of the house  The size of a credit, but a little thicker, as run by two watch size batteries.  The speaker is built into the card.  No speaker stands needed!  Clip it high on your vest or shirt collar and your set to go.  From my experience, normal talking will not release a target.

Targets were running good in all disciplines.

I'm sure there is busier clubs some where on the east coast, but I've yet shot at one.  Anytime I visit you think a shoot was taken place based on the from the number of vehicles in the parking areas.

The number of people shooting trap can sometimes cause a backup.  Unless you hit it right, your not going to shoot round after round without breaks in between.  May not be that way in the summer, but for sure during winter operations.  Maybe better to show up later then early!

The club has the ATA Big 50 and in the past had a special day set for same so all registered targets could be shot without interruption.


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  1. Hey Joe,

    A nice array of pics of Volusia Skeet and Trap.

    It was a pretty day and we did have a crowd. I thought your review was fair. It does get hectic but for a discipline that is losing participants at some clubs, we keep seeing new trap shooters most every week.

    The number of young folks, the college teams and ladies (young and a little older) make trap at VS&T anything but the proverbial Old Man's Game. We do, in fact, have plenty of Old Men but our trap squads are often very diverse.

    Bob Hults, RSO