Sunday, January 25, 2015

Revised ATF Form 6 NIA (Bringing Firearms into the USA)

OMB No. 1140-0084 (11/30/2017)

The revised application addresses the change in law that states Non-VISA visitors to the USA don't need a Hunting License or Shoot Invitation.

If you DON'T need a VISA to enter the USA, you still need this form to temporarily import firearms and ammunition into the USA.  You just don't require the supporting documents that were required in the past.

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The latest Lost Target revision to the "Type In" version is Jan 28, 2015.  Recommend that if you downloaded prior to this date, re-download.  Revisions based on feedback from various users!

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  1. Thanks Joe.

    I used your new form, faxed it to ATF Wednesday morning, and received approved form by email on Tuesday morning. Just under a week turn around - awesome.