Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 11, 2015 @ FishHawk Sporting Clays

FishHawk Sporting Clays, Lithia, Florida.

A first time visit.  Two sporting courses, skeet (1), trap (1), 5-stand, and archery.

The grounds looked great.  Fantastic they left the old trees when they built the club.  Impressive walking among the old trees when out on the course.

Pleasant weather!  Sunny, in the high 60's.

Signing in you have to fill out a release from liability form.  Common at most clubs that I visit.  Also, and something all clubs should do, is they harvest email addresses when your filling out the paperwork.  May I add, a very friendly person working the desk!

I think the first time we saw a skeet field built in the configuration they were using.  No houses, machines on stands.  A simple idea and an easy build!

A good looking 5-stand.  Golf course quality!

We shot the 16 station Red course. Target counting system in use!

An easy course to walk, but the club does rent carts.

A nice selection of targets and we didn't experience any machine problems.

When we arrived at station 14, the left to right target was not a problem, but when you swung right to left, a hawk was sitting in a tree.  He wouldn't move for nothing.  I even walked in front of the stand, waving my hands and given a yell.  He could care less.  Time to move on!

We shot stations 15 / 16.  When we returned to station 14 the hawk had flown off and we were able to shoot the station.  We ran into are friend the hawk sitting on a shooting stand on are walk back to the club house.


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