Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 12, 2015 @ Ancient Oak Gun Club

An afternoon visit to Ancient Oak Gun Club, located southeast of Tampa.

Some wind, but sunny and close to 70 degrees.

The club has been in operation for two years.  All stations are covered and we found two water stations (bottled water) on the South course.  A number of trees have been planted throughout the course and in several years they should provide a good deal of shade.

The shooting stands were well built!  Some thought went into there construction and no monies spared.

A North course and a South course.

If you shot 100 targets, show birds were free.

Target counter system in use!

We shot the South course, the harder of the two.

First station out and we're shooting modified choke. Turns out that the regular station #1 was closed and they were using the "long" bird station as a replacement.  We did resort to modified a few times, but a nice combination of target presentations with no unfair presentations, nor eye test.

14 stations!

 The club is having an upcoming benefit shoot and they were prepping the station for the shoot during are visit. We were asked if we shot registered and invited to attend the clubs next NSCA shoot. 
The club has a nice looking covered pavilion for hosting events.
I didn't shoot the 5-stand, but it looked like it would be fun to shoot!


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