Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shooting with Friends @ WW Sporting Clays

Crowded when we arrived, but thinned out after we hit the course.  I think we hit the tail end of the morning crowd. 

Two young shooters on the squad and we weren't in a hurry.

Thankfully it was cloudy, as 79 degrees and humid.

I was talking to a shooter on another squad and found out he was retired navy, at one time assigned to the Battleship, New Jersey.  He also worked on an aircraft carrier.  The stories he could tell!

Ken Branham, former manager of the club, was on the course shooting and he came over to say hello.  Ken is one of the good guys!

Today was a practice day for myself and Russ McKittrick. We're shooting the Florida Challenge starting Thursday at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm. Russ is an old New York buddy who moved to North Carolina just a few years back.

Russ had a brand new, never fired Beretta 20 gauge that he was letting one of the kids use.  It did not like to feed the second shell.  Russ says Beretta firearms require a break in period.  Say what!  If true, maybe a trip to the trap range to break in the gun would be a good idea.

Russ McKittrick, Heide & Joe Potosky


On the way home Heide and I stopped at a store that had a large street sign in front of it that said, Ice Cream Parlor.
Maybe way back when, but when we entered and asked where in the store was the Ice Cream Parlor, the guy behind the counter pointed to a freezer.  I'm thinking a shake or sundae and their selling ice cream sticks out of an ice box.  We sure wanted an ice cream, but wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.  We drove a bit further and purchased a cone and shake at McDonalds.

Always looking for the best gas price.  We past a Kangaroo station on the way to the club that was selling gas for $2.19 a gallon.  Passed by several stations selling at the same price heading back, but that station was nearest to home.  Would you know it, they raised the price to $2.21.  The same thing happened a few weeks back, the same station.  Low price in the morning, higher price in the late afternoon.  A competitor about 10 miles north of that station and on the route we travel will now get my business.  Just think, three or four weeks back we were buying gas at $1.93 a gallon!

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  1. Hi Very nice photography of the shooters. Always nice to see the young folks out on the range with the good eyes. Since I am in New Hampshire buried in snow, there is no shooting here till spring. My brother is right about the Beretta since I have the same gun and have used his a few times. Good Luck in the Challenge