Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mickey Mouse at the gun club

The wife and I traveled to the Flagler Gun Club to shoot practice trap. 

When we arrived only three cars in the parking lot.  The normal practice field wasn't open and one shooter was using the token operated field that is avialable for use seven days a week.

I contacted the person running the club and said no big deal shooting off the token operated field, but I don't have any tokens.  He had me punch my pre-paid card and gave me four tokens.

We go out, talk a few minutes with the guy who was shooting.  He says he may join us latter.

We shoot are two rounds each and I go in to purchase additional tokens and find the person running the club had closed the clubhouse and went home.

The gentelmen I was talking to on the trap field said when he walked back to the clubhouse it was locked. 

The club web calendar posting for practice trap:   Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 8:00am - 1:00pm. 

It's not even 10:30!

In the meantime, four shooters show up, one with a key to the clubhouse, but not for the lock box and not for the fields.

It's not that the so called gentlemen left early that burns me, as in my day I've locked up a club when there were no shooters present, but shooters weres present and not a word said!

If the person running the club wanted to leave early, as he thought no one else was to show up, he could have at least had the courtesy to walk out to the field and say he was locking up and asked if I wanted to puchase addional tokens.

I know Florida is the land of Disney, but I didn't expect a Mickey Mouse operation at a trap range!

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