Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Spring Deuce @ Rochester Brooks

The 19th Annual Spring Deuce, Rochester Brooks Gun Club at Rush, New York.  The club offered three days of shooting, to include FITASC and sub gauge.
A cold day on Friday. A 5 1/2 hour drive from the house. On the ride to the club driving through the Adirondack Mountains snow flurries and snow on the ground west of Speculator. 

Flurries and windy at the club. Skies were dark at times. A tough day for shooting, but squads were out getting their licks in.  If the trash cans on the courses were metal instead of plastic I’m sure more than a few warming fires would have been lit. 
My friend shot the FITASC and said not an overly difficult course, but the wind and snow flurries made for interesting targets. I’m guessing shooters on Saturday for the most part had higher scores due to the more pleasant weather. From what I saw Saturday morning at the parcours I assume I guessed correctly.

A more pleasant day on Saturday with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 50’s. We shot a small gauge event in the AM and the prelim in the PM. I was comfortable throughout the day.
Sunday was the 17 station main event, a Spring Deuce tradition.  Unfortunately, overcast and colder then what we saw on Saturday, but nothing like Friday.  The sun did try to break out a few times.  A bit of a wind, but not too bad for the 11:30 rotation.  I started out wearing my shooting jacket but took it off after a few stations.

Targets from what I seen were fair and I didn't experience any eye test stations! 

You needed more then IC choke on several stations, but with 17 stations in the main event, their was targets for everyone. 

A long video, the longest I ever posted. Included is a large number of slow motion target hits.  Could easily have been two videos (or left out a lot), but what I had in my head before the shoot and went with it.
Referees were knowledgeable and machine problems (very few) were quickly fixed. Plenty of water on the course.
The desk posted scores promptly.  Viewable on two of the clubs flat screen TV's.
Motels only 15 minutes from the club and major shopping ten minutes north of the motels.

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