Monday, May 11, 2015

North Country Sportsmen's Club Under Attack

The North Country Sportsmen's Club located in Williston, Vermont is under siege by local officials over hours of operation. 

Local officials were notified the club is protected by Vermont stature, but ignored by said officials.

This ordinance shall not apply to the discharge of firearms by police officers, sheriffs  constables, game wardens and other statutorily designated law enforcement officers in the performance of their legal duties. This ordinance shall not be construed to limit any rights or immunities to discharge firearms in the defense or protection of person or property provided by Vermont Statutes. Nor shall this ordinance apply to the discharge of firearms on any existing sport shooting range, as defined in 10 V.S.A., section 5227.
Town of Williston sent police officers to the NCSC property not once but three times to unlawfully order an end to lawful trap shooting activities. The police officers further demanded the identify of citizens engaged in a lawful activity on private property. The police threatened to subpoena the identify of these citizens and according to another citizen at the above said select board meeting recorded the license plate numbers of the vehicles present at the NCSC on Sunday, May 3.

Read the club communication to members and actions being taken.

 North Country Sportsmen's Club Under Attack

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