Monday, July 20, 2015

Club Huntingdon Trap Shoot. Yes, a good time!

Hot, muggy, humid..... Did I say humid!

Rolling thunderstorms, heavy rains, and power outages before the start of the shoot.  At 8am the club was thinking they may have to cancel.

Attending a shoot in Florida?  No, a fun trap shoot at Club de Tir Huntingdon just east of Sainte-Barbe, Quebec.  Thirty minutes from the New York border.

A 10am start time and by 9am the power outages had ceased, as well as the rains.  By 10am the grounds were dry and the only sign of the heavy rains was on the access road to the club.

A nice turnout in spite of the early morning rains with eight squads of shooters in attendance.  A member only shoot.  Last year the club honored me with a membership and my wife Heide and I were able to attend.

A four field trap club with a single lane rifle range that wouldn't be in existence if it not for the hard work of a number of people that turned around the club starting in 2013, as the club was on it's last legs and most thought it would be closed.

I'm told taxes had not been paid for two years and the club house, as well as it's machines and the surrounding property were in sad shape.

A group got together and decided to bring the club back from the dead!

The Valleyfield club just down the road had a similar experience approximately 15 years ago, and as the Valleyfield club,  people reached into their own pockets, equipment was borrowed, materials and many hours of  labor donated.

Membership needed to be increased to help pay taxes, as well as insurance. A one lane rifle range was installed. 

File Photo
I'm told this unique rifle range squeezed onto a property that had no room for a rifle range has at a minimum resulted in 100 memberships.  I was told last year when I visited they had to limit memberships because of it's popularity.
In 2014 the club purchased a used PAT trap and this year they purchased a new PAT trap.  Targets thrown has doubled in one year.  The club also has one set of voice release for field two and plan to purchase a second set for the other PAT trap.
Last year, the first fun shoot was held.
The club used two fields for the shoot (50 targets each field) for this 100 target shoot.  Shoot 50 on one field and finish up on the second.  Between 50's (we  had some time) we sat in the vehicle and ran the air conditioner because of the humidity. 
A number of volunteers helped at the shoot and the ladies of the club made sure we all got fed and lent a hand at the desk. 
They opened a third field (Winchester Basket Trap) so a dad could teach his 11 year old child how to shoot trap. I didn't see any problems with the machine or the targets and the young man had a good time.
By the time shoot-offs rolled around the sky's looked threating and sure enough I was caught in a down pour during my shoot-off round.  At one point the gun was slipping in my hands and could barely see the target coming out of the house.  15 minutes later the sun was shining and my clothes were dry within 30 minutes.
Shooters and their spouses were more then friendly and everyone looked to be having a good time, more a social outing then a trap shoot.  But. that's small club shooting at it's best!
The club is having it's first registered trap shoot in more then 25 years on August 16, 2015.  I tried to pin down the last time a registered shoot was held, but the old timers had a hard time putting a year on it.
No traffic to speak of at the border crossing(s) and did have are firearms physically looked at upon entering and departing.  Not a big deal as long as you have your paperwork in order. 
On the way home we stopped at an ice cream shop in Huntingdon.  We both think the soft ice cream in Quebec taste better then what we see in the states.  I think a higher fat content.
I plan on attending the August 16th shoot with both gun and cameras in hand....


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