Thursday, July 30, 2015

HELP Darryl Montague Gunshot Victim

HELP Darryl Montague Gunshot Victim

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The latest on Darryl Montague in case you haven’t heard........................
“Hello everyone.

I'm honored to have such wonderful support from you. I struggle with the reality and gravity of Darryl's situation. As it is our nature to always focus on the positive, the reality is not so rosy.

Darryl has been bed bound and sedate for a month now, the only the smallest of voluntary movements. Every muscle in his body has atrophied - a fancy term for deterioration from non-use. He has lost 1/3 - 1/2 of his muscle mass. This has left him with no control ov
er his muscles and he will have to relearn everything. Even reflexive movement, such as breathing requires time to rebuild his strength to breathe without the machines. In other words, he is as weak and helpless as a newborn. He needs complete assistance to raise his arm up, to lift his head off the pillow or even roll over to his side. Just as a newborn needs time to grow,
Darryl will need time to regenerate his lost muscle mass and regain his independence. With his level of illness, we are hopeful to believe he will be walking independently by springtime. For now, I give him daily messages to stimulate blood flow through his muscles and move his joints so they don't stiffen and freeze up. Hospital Physical Therapy can not begin (per insurance) until he is awake and completely interactive for three continuous for now, I do it as often as possible.

Our first be alert and able to sit upright in bed before the first kick-off of the Patriots...go Pats!!”

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