Monday, August 10, 2015

August Trap Shoot @ Kayaderosseras

It's been a few years since last attending a shoot at the Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club, Ballston Spa, New York.  The club is ten minutes from the Saratoga horse track, near the county airport.  We came down to shoot the singles.  They were also offering handicap and doubles.

A two field club that hold several target only shoots each year.  They charged $22 for 100 registered targets.  Had to ask twice on the cost, as not used to shooting at such a low price for registered targets.

No messing around on shoot start time. They can never be sure on how many will be in attendance and as the trains in Germany, when they say 9am, they mean 9am.  Can't find a shooter, start without!

Shoot 50 on one field and the second 50 on the other. 

The background seemed in better shape then I remember, but maybe just that time of year.

I almost ended up doing dishes for a week, but a 25 in the last round allowed me to beat the wife by one target.


As at almost all the clubs we visit a friendly bunch running the shoot. Seasoned vets keeping score and if anything out of the ordinary happens on the field, they most likely been there, done that!


No problems with voice release or the machines/targets!


  1. this is an amazing sport and good to see lot of people practice the rifle shooting.

  2. this is amazing shoot range, I love this shooting range