Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Remington let me down. Hello, Beretta!

We've had Remington 1100's kicking around the house going back to the early 70's.  A couple of 1100's are getting to the point where there pretty much shot out and time for a replacement.

I purchased a new Model 1100™ Sporting Series shotgun with the 28 inch Lt. Contour Vent Rib barrel.

Out of the box I see a noticeable spot on the forearm. I call Remington and they said they would send me a replacement forearm at no cost.

I receive the second forearm and it has the same spot.

I call Remington and eventually I'm told that's just the way it is.  It turns out that's where a metal pin is placed in the forearm, but in the finish process their not hiding the wood fill. As far as Remington support was concerned this was acceptable. How, having a noticeable spot on the forearm fresh out of the factory is acceptable is beyond me.

Second problem.  The shotgun with a regular Remington 1100 trap barrel installed would not fire.  A second Remington barrel would also not fire.  I purchased the shotgun to use for sporting clays, but I wanted to be able to shoot trap with it.  A huge disappointment!

 * With the sporting model you have to replace the forearm to fit a non-contour barrel.

I pulled this off the Remington website: All Model 1100 barrels are interchangeable within gauge with the exception of 20 gauge guns built prior to 1977.

Guess not!

Remington support could not tell me why barrels weren't interchangeable.  They suggested I purchase a 30 inch Lt. Contour Trap barrel.  Even if I wanted to go that route, none to be had and no time line when Remington would have any available.

To make a long story short, the Remington 1100 is no more.

I see a Beretta A400 Xcel in my future. 

I confirmed the T&S Industries Shell Catcher for the Excel works as advertised.  It will allow for use in trap.

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