Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shooting trap with my Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting Shotgun

Shot my A400 in trap for the first time.

Four rounds of practice, modified choke.  Two boxes of 1oz. Fiocchi's, a box of Rio's, and a box of Noble Sport.  In the neighborhood of 1200 fps loads and no failures to feed or fire.

This was the test to see if I was going to need too install an adjustable comb.

Other then shooting over several targets seems to be right on the money. Adjustable comb not needed. A lighter gun then the 1100 I've been shooting and going to get some getting use to, but so far a happy camper.

No sore shoulder nor bruised face. 

I was very satisfied with the hits I was getting with the Beretta Modified choke

The T&S Shell Catcher worked like a charm.  Unlike the shell catcher for the 1100 , the one made for the Beretta doesn't slide during the round.  A nipple on the shell catcher and a small indent on the A400 makes it so. Just line them up, slap in place and your ready to go.   Covered in a plastic material so no marring the surface.

If you change out the A400 bolt handle for the larger Briley one the shell catcher won't fit.  You will have to change the bolt handle back to the original when you want to use the catcher.

Cleaning the Beretta is something else.  A simple wipe down and a touch of oil and your set to go (some areas your not to oil). 

Your suppose to be able to go 2000 rounds between cleanings. Google "cleaning a Beretta A400", as several excellent YouTube videos posted. 

Back from the club and my wife's 1100 is broken down and covered in Breakfree.  I usually let it sit for a few hours and then a wipe down and reassemble.   Nice to not have to go through that with the Beretta.

My wife took a two shots with the A400. She was able to comfortable look down the barrel and broke the two targets she shot at.  She commented it was lighter then her 1100.  The stock was a little long. Don't know if a thinner pad would do the trick or wood would have to be removed.  Something you need to think about if you get the Beretta KO recoil reducer, as wood cannot be removed.  Aftermarket would be the way to go if you need a reducer and a shorter stock.

I wasn't planning on shooting registered trap with it until I put a few cases of shells through it, but a shoot this Sunday and that will be the gun I'm shooting.


  1. this is really a good stuff for practiceing gun shot.

  2. good shooting trap , this is beautiful and amazing set up, thanks for sharing this,