Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vandels cause closure of club (What's your club doing to protect itself?)

Vandals cause closure of Lake Eufaula Rod and Gun Club shooting range

Tucked off Water Works Road in McAlester, OK just past Youth Lake, is a shotgun shooting range where gun enthusiasts have enjoyed  skeet shooting for a long time.

The range is now closed, however, due to vandalism. That repeated vandalism of property has proven too much for the Lake Eufaula Rod and Gun Club to keep up with.

“It’s a shame,” said Bill Nicholson, an administrative member of the club.

Nicholson said the club has always coped with vandalism at its ranges. However, recent vandalism at the range off Water Works has officials calling it quits. 


Not the first club to be vandalized and not the last.

Several months back a club owner posted on a talk board that someone in the middle of the night removed a coin operated target system off one of the clubs fields.  They took the complete system.

So, what are the options for protecting you club short of having a caretaker live on the property?

Spend thousands of dollars to install a monitored professional security system.  Most clubs would bulk and I think an extreme solution unless your routinely targeted!

The simplest solution is to position several Trail Cameras on the property.  The newest ones have HD and even video.  Some you can actually hook up to the internet to transmit off site.  You won't stop the vandalism, but you have a good chance of identifying the bad guys.

Another option is HD video surveillance, especially if the club has internet access where data can be transmitted off the property (to the cloud).   Club offices with an IPOD can access the camera 24/7 and check on the status of the club. 

YouTube is your friend. 

Check out the latest trail cameras and video surveillance systems.

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