Monday, October 05, 2015

White Flyer Classic @ Rochester Brooks

The previous Sunday I was shooting in my shorts. 

Saturday shoot day and wearing dungarees, gloves, and my winter shooting jacket. Windy and random sprinkles. If it hit 50 degrees it wasn't when I was on the course.  When we booked the shoot we were thinking high 60's and sunny fall weather.  Not to be!

We shot the sub-gauge event Saturday AM.  In the past few years they had three machines per station and depending on gauge you were presented designated target presentations.  This year two machines and two stands per station (8).  The gauge you shot determined the stand you used.  My gut tells me the two separate stands is the way to go, especially for .410 shooters and cuts down on the number of machines needed.

With rains threating we shot the prelim event in the afternoon. 

A soft course (my opinion and based on what I see in my travels).  Been visiting the club for many years and the softest Rochester prelim course I can remember.  I enjoy breaking targets, but...   My head told me not the targets I would be seeing on Sunday and not to get cocky.

It started to rain at the last station (we were the last prelim squad).

Sunday main event (16 stations) brought sunny skies, temperatures starting out in the 50's, and little or no wind. The Sunday PM squad saw temps in the 60's.

Targets were what you expect at a shoot of this nature.  A difference between night and day if you compared Saturday and Sunday targets. Challenging but fair targets! Boy, were some of the targets fast...

No machine problems that I experienced.  We had one machine that stated throwing a few broken targets but sorted itself out.  Most likely someone not being careful with handling targets.

I was shooting my Beretta A400 with Estate shells.  Don't want to get to deep into my shooting but I'm having a hard time with leads. The leads look so different then from the many years I was shooting a Remington 1100, especially on faster targets.  A few times I made a conscious effort to ignore what I was seeing and the target broke, even when I thought I didn't have enough lead.  Sounds easy, but going to take a bit of shooting.

What a joy to shoot.  Still can't get over how easy it is to clean compared to the 1100's I own. I've shot various cheap shells through it and haven't run into a shell it can't handle.

A YouTube video from the shoot.

As always well seasoned refs, but did run into some who said it was their first time.  One adult ref told me he stated working the club as a kid.

The clubhouse has been undergoing major renovations the past several years and if you haven't visited in four or five years your going to be impressed.

The club uses Winscore.  Saturday scores were posted when I checked from the motel room Saturday after dinner.  Good job ladies....

The club is hosting the New York State Shoot in 2016.  I'm told the last full weekend in July.

The club is 15 minutes from motels.  A couple of home style diners near the motels and a MacDonald's.  After years of bouncing around the various restaurants, we eat at the Lehigh, maybe three minutes from the Super 8. The only complaint I have is the serving sizes are to large.  Major shopping area (and restaurants) 10 minutes north of the motels. Restaurants seem to be always crowded on Friday nights, so plan accordingly.

We stopped at Beikirch's (a retailer who supplies shooting supplies for clubs and the general public).  The only one ounce shells they had in stock were Estates.  All other shells they carried were 1 1/8.  No lead for sale. I had a list of supplies for rifle shooting they were not able to fill. 

The lowest gas price we saw was $2.03.  One of the locals was telling me he was paying $1.98.

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