Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dec 20 Visit @ La Roue du Roy (with photos)

La Roue du Roy, Hemmingford Quebec

 Rear View

The newly built 5-Stand is in operation.  Heated shooting stations on the first floor.  A beautiful looking building.

When in use all doors would be open

Door open (note rail barrier)

Preparing to close the door (rail up)

Door secured (from the inside)

Upper floor

 Heaters above each door way

The Tower is in the process of being re-configured (5 machines) from the present two (2).  
Two stations will be tower shots (two machines each) and a third station will be a combination of a tower target and a target from the water tower near the entrance.  What the tower has going for it is that the club has the ability to easily set the height of the various machines.

The back sporting clays course has been converted for winter usage. 

Station #1 is a single stand with four machines. 

Two eight (8) Machine Stations.  A small enclosed shooting stand (building) has been built (not heated) and situated on each course.  The small building looks to be able to hold three or four people comfortable.  One shooter at a time. A gun rack inside each building

 Except for the opening for the shooter, completely protected from the winds

For the trap shooting Enthusiasts.

Check the clubs website, as winter hours in effect.

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