Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Regional clubs that caught my eye this year

Waterbury Stowe Fish and Game Club
Waterbury Center, VT

Hats off to the volunteers who run the clay target program.

Not too many years back you knew it was a club that had skeet, but never gave it a second thought when thinking of a place to shoot clay targets, as just some good old boys getting together.

No longer the case.  Tuesday skeet shooting saw a total of 45 shooters at various times throughout this year.
A nice touch is they submit a Tuesday shoot report to the local newspaper several times a year. Individual shooters getting recognized for their efforts via the local paper.

Two skeet fields and one trap.  I’ve not seen anything on trap shooting at the club so I’m not sure how active it is.  I would contact the club prior to travel if you plan on shooting trap.

Golden Triangle Trap and Skeet Club
Brockville, ON

For years I drove down the 401 and had no idea I was driving by a club offering not only skeet and trap, but also 5-stand.  The club has an international release (built in delay) available for International Skeet.
They usually have a few fun shoots each year and everyone is more than welcoming.

The shoots have an ample number of prizes and always a buffet. 
The volunteers are something else.  An hour after a shoot you would never knew a shoot took place.  Clean as a whistle.

Two highly successful shoots this year that I'm aware.

North County Sportsman's Club
Williston, VT

After years of being in court, a lost trap field, and a relocated 5-stand it seemed all the clubs problems were in the rear view mirror.
Not so, as the town started to harass the club over hours (days) of operation, to include having the police issuing noise ordinance violation tickets over an expired agreement between the town and the club.

The club is in the courts.  Winning the first round.
The club's legal defense fund in early December stood at a little over $20,000.  Funds contributed by members and non-members.

After cutting back on shoots offered, as it was getting its ducks lined up, the club plans on offering a number of shoots in 2016.

La Roue du Roy
Hemmingford, QC

A new eight machine 5-stand, two story building, built from scratch recently opened.
  Heated shooting positions on the first floor.

The famous Roue tower is being reconfigured from two machines too five.  The tower will accommodate three shooting stands.  Two machines per stand and the fifth machine used in conjunction with a machine in the old water tower near the club entrance.  The platforms the machines sit on can be raised or lowered to whatever the target setter desires.  Think geese!


Club de Tir de Valleyfield
St-Stanislas-de-Kostka, QC

I thought the club was finished with improvements, but on my last visit I see a new elevated stand built on the 5-stand field and told the field was going wireless via the purchase of a wireless release system.

In recent years (weather permitting) the club has stayed open 12 months of the year.  Not too long ago the club closed for the winter, maybe opening informally when the weather was mild.

Underhill Rod & Gun Club
Westford, VT

Recognized for years as a major force in Vermont NSSA skeet shooting the club has been becoming renowned for its two annual sporting clays tournaments.
The course is temporarily setup for the shoots.  At first, the vast majority of machines hand traps and old Winchester single stack machines.  This year hand traps were no longer.  The result of the club investing wisely over the years to transition away for the need for trappers.

A FITASC tournament may be offered in 2016 and the club might see a permanent sporting clays course used for mid week shooting.
Nothing in writing as of yet, but strong rumors.



Northeast Kingdom Skeet & Sporting Clays Club
Burke, VT

The first year that no hand traps were used on the course at the state shoot.  Good job!

The club is well know for its sporting clays course but also offers skeet, trap (wobble trap) and 5-stand.


Quebec Provincial Trapshooting Association

An organization that has matured in approximately the last ten years.
  Major dissenters no longer (thank goodness).  Those who don’t contribute, but an arm chair quarterback, can be detrimental to any organization and not needed.

A handoff of the organizations presidency (Marcel Leblond highly regarded, who retired) went off without a hitch and high standards maintained via the current presidents leadership.
The QPTA not only supporting numerous shoots each year but always looking to add a club to its membership. 

Club Huntingdon after not holding registered shooting in recent memory, this year returned to the fold and held its first registered trap shoot.  


Sportsman's Club of Franklin County
St. Albans Bay, VT

A new fence constructed between skeet field #2 and #3 and a new rack fabricated for the voice release trap stands.  No, not done by magic in the middle of the night.

Not gone unnoticed is the work being done in the bathrooms.

A nice touch is the option to purchase a membership via the website using PayPal. 2016 memberships available.

Worthy of a mention but sad to say, nothing positive to report on the state of NSSA skeet shooting in either Vermont or Quebec.  Outside of state/provincial championships not even a target only shoot held.  Just the opportunity to get targets.  2016 will be the first year I didn’t renew my membership via the NSSA, but renewed via the NSCA.  I sold my .410 re-loader on EBay.

Maybe 2016 will see a rebirth.

Also, on the down side a noticeable lack of old fashioned fun shoots.  More then a few clubs have dropped off the map in regard to fun shoots.  Derby Fish and Game Club has been maintaining the number of fun trap shoots it offers each year, but if it's sporting clays in Vermont, they are NSCA oriented and NSCA target presentations our not everyone's cup of tea.   Can't remember when I last attended a fun skeet shoot, just skeet and no other disciplines. Their has been no sporting clays shoots in Quebec in the past few years.

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