Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jan 16, 2016 @ Jacksonville Clay Target Sports

Jacksonville Clay Target Sports, Jacksonville, Florida 

We dropped by the club to shoot sporting clays. The club also offers skeet, trap, woobletrap, and 5-stand.

The sporting course is 15 stations.  One stand per station.  You have the option of shooting report pair or true pair, or a combination of both.  A few young people were walking the course. We normally walk, but I suggest as we did, rent a cart as a pretty good hike.

The course was very busy (crowded). Thank goodness we had a cart, as we bounced around instead of waiting. A number of new shooters on the course.  One new lady shooter was shooting a pump that didn't fit. My wife offered to let her shoot a few rounds with her 1100.  The women seemed to enjoy the lighter recoil and gun fit, but she say she noticed the weight.

Basically an IC course, but for a springing teal target my wife wasn't breaking, she put in LM and broke the next two targets. She ended up shooting LM for the rest of the course.  I think she may be retiring the IC choke.

When we rolled into the parking lot we found a busy club and a good number of shooters. Two trap fields full and skeet fields active.  A handful on the 5-stand.  Cars coming and going.  Food being sold in the back of the enclosed patio area. 

What a contrast from past visits over the last ten years.

I saw a glimpse of a club seemingly being reborn (in my way of thinking) when we shot sporting clays at the club last March after the sporting clays course just opened.  The parking lot full and shooters in all disciplines on the fields.  Maybe it was that way in the recent past, but the first time as a casual visitor I noticed what I would call a crowd at the club, other then when a shoot was in progress. 

Not always the case in past visits and I spent more time then I wanted to think about looking to see if anyone wanted to shoot trap (no voice release available). I was actually a member of the club one year (never received a membership card), but my wife and I, not once, but twice, had skeet shooters decline to shoot with us.  We didn't know them and they didn't know us, but they weren't going to shoot with us.  Happened two weeks in a row, two different groups of shooters.  Maybe they been burned a few times with new shooters to the game, but they didn't even ask if we had shot in the past.  Old timers set in there ways, but left a bad taste in the mouth and as a dozen clubs within 1:45 drive from where we stay, we walked with are feet.  Only returning after a few years to attend ATA shoots, dropping in a few times to purchase reloading supplies, and I showed up last year at an International Skeet shoot and took video/photos, and of course last March to check out the new sporting clays course.

When paying the bill on departure a squad of new shooters buying ammunition, getting ready to visit the sporting clays course.

We've been impressed with the club, the friendlessness of the people running the club, and the shooters we meant on this visit and the visit last March. We plan on not being strangers.

The non-member rate for sporting is what you'd expect and on average what I pay throughout Florida, but the non-member rate for skeet and trap is punitive. 

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