Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan 30, 2016 @ Keystone Heights Sportsmen Club

We attended a fundraiser shoot at the Keystone Heights club (Starke, Florida).  A single field skeet club. 50 target shoot.  Shoot 25 and finish the second round after everyone has shot the first 25. A first time visit.

Arrived just as they were finishing up hooping the field.  Turns out the club just retired its old single stack Winchester machines and this was going to be the first big test of the replacement machines.

The new machines worked flawlessly. The high house bird was a little flatter then I’m used to coming out of high house on station #1.  I missed the first one out, but held lower and didn’t miss anymore high house #1’s.

 Retired Winchester machines.

24 shooters took part.  Several first time skeet shooters and some just barely familiar with the game.  Club members (to include the refs) went out of their way to give them a helping hand.  Several just shot singles or received a report part when doubles was to be shot.  Slow going but it was nice to see the interest in the game of skeet. 

If the top gun on your squad you were directed to a table that contained donated items.  You picked one.  If a tie, you both got to pick.

Rules a little different.  On station #8 you shoot high house, then shoot Low house, while the rest of the squad waits.  The squad stands aligned with station #4.  Like in International Skeet.

A high school freshman on my squad started out with a broken 1100.  The more I think about it, I think a broken firing pin spring, but we didn’t open the gun to take a look.  We shared my A400 Berretta for the round.

An optional turkey shoot was held.

Hopefully, the club will pick up a couple of new members.

If you went away hungry it was your fault.  Chicken and pork with all the fixings.  When I was going through the line I asked the lady if the cake I was looking at was homemade and she assured me it was.  When I went back to compliment her on her baking skills she gave me a cake to take home.


The club welcomes new shooters. 

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