Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Pres. Obama's executive action on gun violence

The president didn't propose or use his executive action power too push for stringent prosecution of criminals, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and gang bangers who aren't following CURRENT gun laws.  The ones we read or hear about in the news, that when arrested, are found to have a half dozen previous arrest (or more), been to jail a few times, and on the street (released early on parole). Might have been even arrested once or twice with a firearm in the past or an illegal that has no business being in the country.

Nor did he propose increased penalties for those not following CURRENT law at the Federal and STATE level.  Goes against the current flavor of the month to empty the jails, even for those who have been caught using a firearm in a crime.

Not one word about those found with and or using a firearm illegally not given any special privileges in regard to criminal prosecution;

No reduced bail.

No plea bargains.

No reduced sentences.

No early release from prison.

Minimum state/federal sentencing laws for crimes committed with a firearm.

What is not the above the law in every state and city, states such as California or cities such as Chicago?

Easier to mandate new gun laws then to enforce the one's we have!

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