Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb 12, 2016 @ WW Sporting Clays

WW Sporting Clays (West of Jacksonville, Florida, off I-10).

We had been waiting on a warm day to visit and 76 degrees fit the bill.

A Friday afternoon and except for a couple shooters we had the course to ourselves.  We heard a few guns going off but never saw anyone.

14 stations.

One broken target and other then that machines worked flawlessly.   A easy course to walk.

A young man named Tray was running club.  Very friendly and welcoming.

I got in a conversation with a shooter who called me over as I was departing.  He was aware of the "Lost Target" and my YouTube postings.  We were talking about some of the clubs we had shot and he mentioned a new club that opened in St. Augustine.

Last year I was told of an unofficial course, run by a private individual near the airport. I was told the owner was undecided on making it a business or just allowing friends to use.  I never got around to checking it out.  Anyway, I was told their open five days a week, 9-5. 

We drove to the club, but it was after 5pm and the gate was closed.  Did see a sporting clays course.

Punched it into the GPS and sometime soon will be making a visit.

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