Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 13, 2016 @ Jacksonville International Skeet Open

Sunny, but cool with temps fighting to get into the low 60s, breezy.

Just my own observation, but on the whole the women seemed to have better technique going to the target then many of the men.  A girl from China looked very good.  Don't know how she ended up, but she had good form.  Technique isn’t everything, but…

In doubles saw several shooters beating themselves.  Hitting (or missing) the first target way too late, then chasing the second.  Maybe they weren’t picking up the first target quickly enough.  A very blue sky, lens change in order or a lack of concentration (focus)?

I was talking to one shooter and he said he shoots IC and Mod choke.  Shot is limited to just under 7/8 ounce, so a tighter choke then used in NSSA shooting is something that has to be considered.  I read that Kim Rhode in both International Skeet and Olympic Trap Doubles observes the distance where she is hitting targets and takes her gun to the pattern board and test various chokes at that distance.  She doesn't assume that what works for others is going to work for her.

Posted a YouTube video and photos.  Targets hard to see on the video.  Fast targets on a blue background just not compatible with my camera.


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