Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sporting Clays @ Saltwater's N.E. Gun Range (St. Augustine)

The club is west of the St. Augustine airport and open to the public.  Only a few minutes after crossing over the railroad tracks.  One of the newest clubs in Florida to offer sporting clays.

We paid $40 each for 100 targets and the use of a cart.  Cash only but shortly will be accepting credit cards. I'm not sure if your guaranteed a use of a cart, but if available you get the use of one.

 Owner (l) and Quebec shooter André Garneau.

 Hours of operation an address.

I ended up using modified choke at this station. 

Heide hitting a few targets.

For the majority of the course you would be comfortable using IC choke.  On the back part of the course at a few stations you might want to consider a tighter choke.

I was told that some of the stations we shot on were not there the previous week. 

How many stations?  We shot at 19 stations, but don't expect that as changes are coming if I heard correctly.

I talked to several people.  I come away with the impression the end game is two (2) sporting clays courses.  One a fun course for those out to have a good time, to include a place for holding charity and benefit shoots.  A second course (most likely in the back part of the club) would be for the more accomplished shooters.

People we talked to were friendly. 

Ammunition available.

Clean rest rooms.

The club also has a place to shoot pistol and rifle.  Your charged a fee, but you can use the facilities for the whole day. 

The club is not currently on line.  They will be shortly.  I asked about a Facebook page that I saw, but was informed not officially associated with the club.

The club is still evolving but all signs are pointing in a positive direction. 

Recommend you pay them a visit.


  1. this is a beautiful gun range. it is a good gun range for shooting.

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  3. How can one find out the names of the employees there?

    1. Off the net...

      Hours: 9am-5pm Wed-Sun (closed Mon-Tue) | Phone: 904-819-9868 | Address: 900 Big Oak Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32095

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  5. I couldn't find it on the website or Facebook page