Tuesday, March 01, 2016

2016 Florida Challenge @ Bradford

Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm, Graham, Florida.

I wore a warm shirt the first few days, but Saturday afternoon and Sunday saw warm temperatures, with Sunday temps in the 70's.  Halfway through the course on Saturday I removed the warm shirt and just wore a T shirt.  A number of shooters wearing jackets.  Sunny and very little wind on the three days I attended.  My friend shot FITASC on Thursday and said they had wind.  Not effecting the birds unless they went above the tree line.  I think he ended up with a 78.

The weather can be tricky this time of the year and if thinking of attending a future shoot, warm jacket and shooting gloves, even throwing an extra sweater into the bag is recommended.  In past years I wore rain paints to keep cold winds off the legs.  Just because it's Florida, it can get cold!

The club normally runs two 14 station courses.  For major shoots they convert the 800 yard rifle range to a sporting clays course.

Well run shoot as the norm.  We didn't experience any issues when on the course and I don't remember any backups.  Refs were up on the rules and didn't allow themselves to be bullied into given someone a target (you see a lot when running around with a camera).

Targets weren't over the top.  I saw Bill McGuire miss the "easy" target and break the most difficult.  I didn't shoot the FITASC (4 parcours) but what I saw, fair targets.  Never did get over to the small gauge course.  5 Stand targets looked fair.

The club was running two (2) practice 5-stands.  A nice variety of practice targets.

I stayed for Saturdays dinner and needed a jacket once the sun went down. 

As usually at shoots, had very friendly and supportive squad mates for both the preliminary and main event.

I had a bad time on Sunday.  Bent down to tie my sneaker when getting dressed and couldn't stand up, the back went out.  I should have withdrawn, but thought I could work through it (must be a guy thing).  First station went well, 6x6, but down hill fast after that.  It's now Tuesday and still walking hunched over and pain pills making it bearable. The way it usually works is I'll try to stand up at some point in the day and no pain and walking like nothing ever happened.

Very happy with the A400 Beretta I started shooting mid 2016.  Three hundred and fifty shells shot over the weekend without issue.  Shot RIO shells.  The only thing I did when putting it away was wiping down the barrel.  Would never think of not cleaning the Remington 1100 I use to shoot each night.

A third video named Breakin' Targets is just that, targets being broken.  May not be for everyone.

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