Thursday, March 17, 2016

UPDATE: Saltwaters Gun Range "Sporting Clays" (St. Augustine)

Located west of the St. Augustine airport at the end of Big Oak Road.

 Hours of operation.

Flyer at the club (Mar 17)

The flyer will shortly be outdated, as we saw six brand new machines waiting to be installed and was told six more were on order.  We shot both courses, but cut down the numbers on the West course so we could take some targets on the advanced course. 

Interesting targets on the advanced course.  You have to pay attention!

I was told then end game is two 14 station courses, maybe 15.

The club now accepts credit cards.

The piston seal broke on my wife's Remington 1100.

I carry enough parts in my shoot bag to rebuild an 1100 and she was up in running in minutes.  I was just thinking the other day when cleaning the gun that it's been three months and no broken parts.

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